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Every deal starts with a conversation.

ChatSmart makes it easy for customers to communicate with your dealership. Your team can monitor and jump into conversations – and our award-winning chat specialists are there to back you up, 24/7.


Conversion increase with personal greeting

Live Chat. Fully Managed.

Chat Specialists: An Extension of Your Team

We work with our dealerships to deeply personalize the chat experience. Our team is now your team.

With a rigorous five-week training program, continuous upskilling, and F&I training for our VR agents, our chat specialists are held to the highest standards.


Launch a customized chat experience with any customer click or targeted campaign. LivePlays replace outdated web forms with conversations for a personalized experience.

Supported by Assistive Technology

Quality leads, instantly

Our assistive technology enables our chat specialists to quickly give customers personalized, accurate responses.

Skilled chat specialists plus assistive technology brings intelligence to your messaging, so you get higher-quality leads delivered right to your CRM.

Inventory VDPs

Over 72% of chats inquiries are inventory related. Send vehicles in the chat so customers can easily view specs, pictures, and video.

Virtual Meetings

Need to do a virtual walkthrough while the customer’s online? Turn a chat or SMS into a live video call using Virtual Meetings with ease.


Advanced Chat Protocols and Workflows

Our software and chat workflows are designed for automotive and leverage our deep domain expertise to optimize the customer experience.

Beast AI

Our patented behavioral scoring intelligence turns anonymous visitors into identifiable profiles.

BEAST helps identify level of interest and intent to purchase, so you can drive better offers and smart engagement with your dealership.

Facebook Messenger Chats

Allow customers to chat with your dealership the same way they do with friends.

You also have the ability to see the exact Facebook ad a customer clicked on to start a chat within the Gubagoo platform.

do more with chatsmart

Powerful Integrations

We connect with more channels and leading industry partners than any other provider so you can easily and effectively engage with your consumers wherever they are.


Upload inventory to your business profile, leverage ads, and track leads in GLive.

Apple Messages for Business

Make it easy for millions of iPhone and iPad users to communicate with your dealership instantly and grow your business.

Google Integrations

Includes messaging on your Google Business Profile and allows you to display your cars-for-sale inventory directly on Google Search.


With a few clicks, Gubagoo can take all inbound inquiries and deliver OfferUp leads right to your CRM.


Increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention no matter where your business is. All you need is a customer phone number to get started.


Allow customers to easily schedule service appointments right within the chat.


Improve your performance and conversion through the phone.


Turn your Autotrader SMS conversations into leads. Set up incoming text messages directly into GLive and we’ll handle the rest.

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